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Use this platform to highlight the most pressing problem in your city. Mr. Modi will address some of these issues during Chai pe Charcha.

Q - What are the greatest difficulties faced by farmers in our country?

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On the 20th of March, Mr Modi will address the problems seen in the agricultural sector, the backbone of India. You may ask him a question relating to this and the most relevant questions will be answered at the event.

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    Women usually face difficulty in getting loans as usually there is no property in the name of women in India, and hence no collaterals. What measures can be taken to tackle this and help women in being self reliant?

    City: Faridabad

    Most govt schemes for women in industry are being used by men. How do we ensure that the right benefits reach women?

    City: Ernakulum

    Lack of schools in rural areas leads to illiteracy among women. How will you tackle this ?

    City: Mumbai

    How can we involve women in decision making at a national level ?

    City: Mathura

    Women face issues of gender discrimination while applying to the male dominated industries eg. Pilots, industrial jobs

    City: Varanasi

    Female infanticide is still a major issue in India. How can this be tackled?

    City: Ahmedabad

    How far will women’s reservation empower women and the society?

    City: Moradabad

    How  will you ensure that basic healthcare facilities are available in rural india to tackle issue of maternal mortality ?

    City: Lucknow

    There is a lack of Infrastructural Support that working women get in India. How will you address this issue ?

    City: Shillong

    What laws can be implemented to ensure the safety of women at work place ?

    City: Agartala

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Here is your chance to actively help change the future of India, the future of our farmers. Suggest innovative, novel solutions and get a chance to showcase it to Mr. Modi over video conference.

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